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Dear business partners,
for the sake of innovation and improvement of our products, we have decided to treat all metal holders (profile clips), before painting, with the ZINC method. 
We will therefore sell our existing stock of holders without zinc treatment and will continuously replace them with "new" ones. So, you may already come across holders with the aforementioned treatment on some sizes and colours, as stocks continue to dwindle. The catalogue numbers of the holders will be supplemented with the /Z marking.
Of course, with the modifications and improvements comes an increase of the selling price, by 0.5 CZK per pair! For the holders with bevel, sold in pieces, it is 0,25 CZK/pc.

Thank you for your understanding! 
This case now affects the following items: 154 201, 154 202, 154 251 and 154 R 191 

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